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Audio drama episodes progress

Finally making a blog post. I know very few people have edited recently, but I hope more people will come as the wiki fills out. For anyone who may be reading this, I want to write about the biggest thing I'm currently working on for this wiki. I'm going to attempt to get permission to upload mp3s of Green Hornet radio shows. Wikia policy, as you may know, prohibits uploading of mp3s because of concerns about illegal uploading. Before I reached this point, I tried to convert and upload the files in a different format, one of the ones allowed by wikia, but the files kept stopping halfway through. So  I checked the US copyright database to confirm that the radio shows are in the public domain, and I'm going to take that information to wikia to make the request so I can upload the mp3s I have. I eventually want to have the full audio file of every available episode on this wiki. The other thing I'm focusing on is pages for all of the comic books.

So anyone reading this, this wiki isn't dead! Please join me in reviving it if you're interested.

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