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The Green Hornet Strikes Again (Serial)

The Green Hornet Strikes Again! is a 1941 Universal movie serial based on The Green Hornet radio series by George W. Trendle and Fran Striker. It a sequel to the 1940 serial The Green Hornet. This was Universal's 117th serial (the 49th with sound) of the 137 the studio produced. The plot involves racketeering and is unusual for a film serial in having mostly stand alone episodes instead of a continuous story (although this was also the case for the original Green Hornet serial).


While Britt Reid is enjoying a vacation in Hawaii, Crogan, secret chief of the underworld, is running unchecked. Reid and Kato head back for the mainland on the S.S. Paradise, survive a maritime disaster, and soon are destroying Crogan's rackets one by one.



  1. Flaming Havoc
  2. The Plunge of Peril
  3. The Avenging Heavens
  4. A Night of Terror
  5. Shattering Doom
  6. The Fatal Flash
  7. Death in the Clouds
  8. Human Targets
  9. The Tragic Crash
  10. Blazing Fury
  11. Thieves of the Night
  12. Crashing Barriers
  13. The Flaming Inferno
  14. Racketeering Inferno
  15. Smashing the Crime Ring

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