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The following episodes are currently available for download at Files/G Series/Green Hornet, The/

38-05-05 Citizenship Insurance Racket (aka The Political Racket)

38-05-24 There Was A Crooked Man

39-05-30 The Ghost Who Talked Too Much

39-06-01 Words And Music

39-06-06 Charity Takes It on the Chin

39-06-08 Trouble Hits The Trolleys

39-06-13 Not One Cent For Tribute (aka Gas Station Protection Racket)

39-06-15 Justice Wears a Blindfold

39-06-20 Money Talks Too Loud

39-07-04 Put It On Ice

39-07-06 Disaster Rides the Rails

39-07-11 The Devil's Playground

39-09-07 Courtroom Racket

39-10-31 Cash on the Parking Lot (aka The Parking Lot Racket)

39-11-09 Research Racket

39-11-25 Smuggler Signs His Name (aka Lace Smuggler, Smuggling Racket)

40-02-21 Advice for a Price (aka Insurance Racket)

40-03-04 The Tricky Tankers (aka Robertson's Gas Racket)

40-03-06 Income from Immigrants (aka Ligget's Citizenship Racket)

40-03-11 Salesman in Short Pants (aka Child Labor Racket)

40-03-18 One Goes Out As Two Go In (aka Property Tax Racket)

40-05-22 Sins of the Fathers (aka Carling Tells All, Tilson Gift Racket)

40-06-05 Murder Seeks Its Victim (aka Crandall and the Murder Ring Racket)

40-06-12 Sales Make a Swindle (aka Sales Tax Racket)

40-06-17 Witness a Murder (aka WPA Graft Racket, Finney's WPA Racket)

40-06-19 Insane And Able

40-06-24 Smoke Without Fire

40-08-28 Prescription Filled

40-10-09 Votes for Sale

40-10-16 The Highway That Graft Built

41-05-17 Smashing the Counterfeiting Ring

41-06-21 Walkout for Profit

41-06-28 Walk-Out for Profit

41-07-12 Murder Across the Board

41-08-16 Bid and Asked

41-08-23 Paroles for Sale

41-08-30 Racket on the River

41-09-13 Hot Guns For Sale

42-02-07 Reservoir for Murder

42-05-23 Invasion Plans for Victory

42-05-30 A Slip of the Lip

42-09-19 Murder Traps a Rat

42-09-26 Last Words Mean Sabotage

42-11-28 Torpedo on Wheels

43-03-07 The Corpse That Wasn't There

44-02-12 A Light in the Dark

44-05-16 Paroled for Revenge

44-05-23 0654 One for the Books (128-44)

44-05-30 Racketeers in Gas Coupons

44-06-06 Code for Sabotage

44-06-13 Circumstances Alter Cases

44-06-20 Dope Versus the War Effort

44-06-27 Birds of a Feather

44-07-04 The Make-Believe Sheriff

44-07-11 Madhouse Adventure

44-07-18 Fireworks for Smitty

44-07-25 The Road to Riches

44-07-25 0663 The Road to Riches (128-44)

44-08-01 Gentleman Jerry Meets His Match

44-08-08 Mystery in the Dentist's Office

44-08-15 The Female of the Species

44-08-29 Flames of Wrath

44-09-05 Ramona

44-09-12 Payment in Full

44-09-26 Story of a Dog

44-10-03 Murder Masquerade

44-10-10 Prelude to a Blood Bath

45-04-05 The Double Cross

45-04-19 Picture in the Dark

45-04-26 San Francisco Adventure

45-05-10 An Armistice from Death

45-05-17 Biography, Incorporated

45-06-07 Broken Cigarette Stubs

45-06-14 Not So Smart

45-06-21 Appointment with Death

45-06-28 The Hornet Keeps a Date

45-07-05 Ladder of Fate

45-07-12 Credit for Murder

45-07-19 The Fall Guy

45-07-26 The Numbers Racket

45-08-02 The Return of Oliver Perry

45-08-16 The Imposter

45-08-23 The Unexpected Meeting

45-08-23 Unexpected Meeting

45-08-30 Johnny Comes Home

45-09-06 Too Many Suspects

45-09-13 The Black Feather

45-09-20 Evidence on Hand

45-10-04 The Stuffed Panda (aka Treasury Fraud)

45-10-11 Hot Money and Death

45-10-18 Murder and the Dope Racket

45-10-25 What Price Glamour

45-11-01 Ballots and Bluff

45-11-08 The Hornet Drops a Hint (aka Smoothy Lawrence)

45-11-15 Katz with Nine Lives

45-11-22 Superhighway Robbery

45-11-29 Protection Incorporated

45-12-06 The Voice

45-12-13 Paid in Full

45-12-20 When Money Talks

45-12-25 The Boathouse Mystery

46-01-01 Turban of Jaipur

46-01-22 George Haven's Secret

46-01-29 Escape for Revenge

46-02-05 Washington Story

46-02-12 Woman in the Case

46-02-16 A Soldier and His Dog

46-03-02 A Question of Time

46-03-09 The Letter (aka Clearing The Mayor Of Graft)

46-03-16 A Pair of Nylons

46-03-23 Youth Takes the Headlines

46-03-30 Classified Ads

46-04-06 The Gas Pen

46-04-13 Figure in the Photograph

46-04-20 Grand Larceny on Wheels

46-05-04 Murder for Sale

46-05-11 Check and Double Check

46-05-18 Dr Moylan's Patient

46-05-25 Polarized Glasses

46-06-01 Accidents Will Happen

46-06-08 The Hornet Does It

46-06-15 Revenge for Melakim

46-06-29 A Man of Many Words

46-08-31 Death in the Dark

46-09-14 Underwater Adventure

46-10-05 The Wrapped Book

46-10-27 The Prodigal Brother

46-11-10 The Quiz Program Clue

46-11-17 Chain of Evidence

46-11-24 Guiseppi's Secret

47-02-16 The State's Witness

47-10-28 Exposed

47-11-04 Graft Crosses a Bridge

47-11-11 Too Hot to Handle

48-01-06 Diplomatically Done

48-01-20 A Matter of Evidence

48-01-27 Hit and Run

48-12-30 Road to Ruin

49-02-01 Poor Substitutes for a Prison

49-02-10 Face in the Television

50-06-06 Bait for a Two Timer

52-10-01 Political Crossfire

52-10-03 Spy Master

52-10-08 The Changing Alibi

52-10-10 Keys To A Robbery

52-10-15 Election Boomerang

52-10-17 Proof Of Treasure

52-10-22 Jeff Warren's Safe

52-10-24 Unknown Assassin

52-10-29 The Microfilm Of Death

52-10-31 The Hawkridge Gems

52-11-05 A Friday Night In The Mountains

52-11-07 The Simple Clue

52-11-12 The Triple Cross

52-11-14 Ceiling On Crime

52-11-19 The Cigarette Filters

52-11-21 Shipment For Korea

52-11-26 Gas House Ending

52-11-28 Murder And Espionage

52-12-03 Pretenders To The Throne

52-12-05 Axford's Romantic Disaster

1975 Al Hodge Interview (played Green Hornet)

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