James Reid
Tom Wilkinson David Harbour Green Hornet Cast
James Reid
Short Film
James Reid, played by Tom Wilkinson, is Britt’s seemingly cold-hearted and vindictive widowed father and a wealthy newspaper owner. James does not approve of Britt's playboy lifestyle. Everything changes when James mysteriously dies from what appears to be an allergic reaction to a bee sting, leaving Britt all of his inheritance, and Britt becomes the Green Hornet.

Later in the film, it's revealed when Scanlon wanted James to slant the news, he refused. To stop the chaos, he stopped reporting on crime. When Chudnofsky wanted to control all the gangs of L.A., James wanted to cut the strings and report on crime again. Then, Scanlon arranged a secret meeting with James, then killed him with the apitoxin bee sting poison, making it look like an allergic reaction.