Episode 1 of the Green Hornet radio series was originally broadcast on Friday, January 31, 1936 at 10:30 p.m., EST on the Michigan Radio Network. [1]



"A ruthless slave-driver named John Fenwick suddenly doubles the wages in his factory and begins costly improvements in working conditions. Michael Axford, Britt Reid's newly hired crime reporter visits Fenwick to learn why the Simon Legree character has a change of heart. The solution comes in the form of blackmail  a masked man who refers to himself as The Hornet has threatened to expose Fenwick's past if he doesn't mend his ways. Thanks to Axford's detective skills, a second prior offense is brought to light  the theft of $100,000 from his ex-partner and Fenwick's success in framing Jimmy Carleton for the crime. Armed with his gas gun and speedy getaway car, The Hornet makes a return trip to Fenwick to expose Carleton's innocence and mark himself as a notorious masked man the police seek for questioning."

- Plot description from the book The Green Hornet: A History of Radio, Motion Pictures, Comics, and Television [1]

Facts and TriviaEdit


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